Litter Robot LRII Automatic Litter Box – Full Review

Litter Robot LRII Automatic Litter Box – Full Review

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Love your cat but hate scooping waste? The Litter Robot LRII automatic self-cleaning litter box comes to your rescue, doing the dirty work for you after each use. A patented sifting process activates seven minutes after your cat enters the box, giving him or her plenty of time to take care of business. Waste is automatically deposited in a kitchen garbage bag located in the chamber beneath the main compartment.

The Litter Robot II works with your choice of clumping cat litter, so your cat can continue using a familiar brand. During each automatic cleaning cycle, a globe inside the main chamber sifts and separates clumps from clean litter, and then deposits all of the waste in the hidden chamber. When the globe returns to its original position, a clean, level bed of kitty litter is left behind, ready for the next time your cat needs to go.

An excellent choice even for small apartments and condos, this self-cleaning litter box is 29 inches tall, and has a 24” x 22” footprint. A long power cord lets you put the box in a convenient location, and if you want to conceal it, you can easily fit it into a large cupboard or the optional concealer cabinet. The company also offers an optional add-on bubble that allows very large cats to fit inside easily.

While the Litter Robot LRII works automatically, you have the option of turning it off and then activating it manually as needed. If you activate the “empty” button, the globe automatically begins the cleaning cycle.

Emptying the collection tray is quick and simple. If you have one cat, you may be able to go three or four days without emptying; multiple cat households should empty the tray more frequently to ensure that the tray doesn’t become too full, since this will interfere with the correct operation of the automatic cat box. You can easily wash and sanitize the entire unit on an as-needed basis.

These are just a few highlights. Read on for more details about the pros and cons that come with owning the Litter Robot LRII automatic self-cleaning litter box.

Cuts Back on Odor

When you use a traditional cat box, odor can be a huge problem even if you scoop every day. The Litter Robot LRII cuts way back on odor; the only time we were able to smell anything was right after the cat used the box, and then it was only for a brief moment because this automatic litterbox gives pets plenty of time to cover over their feces before exiting. As for old cat litter smell in the cat’s bathroom area, forget about it. The sealed chamber underneath the cat box holds odor in, preventing it from wafting out into your living space.


Durable, Attractive Design

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The Litter Robot LRII is made with durable components, and the litter area is lined in heavy-duty rubber that eliminates the risk of cracking and breaking. A strong but quiet motor powers the cleanup globe located inside the cat box.

The LRII’s exterior features a rounded profile. At 29” tall, it needs a space about 30” high for concealment; its footprint is about the same as the average cat box, at 24” x 22”. If you decide to hide the Litter Robot inside a cabinet, you’ll need to make sure that there is either an outlet inside the cupboard, or a passageway that accommodates the power cord.


No Special Liners Required

While you can buy special bags to fit inside the Litter Robot, there’s no need to do that. You can use the kitchen garbage bag of your choice to hold waste, including scented kitchen liners that cut back on odor when you open up the waste chamber for cleanout.


Works with Any Clumping Cat Litter

The Litter Robot LRII works with any clumping cat litter. Don’t be tempted to go with an old-fashioned non-scoopable litter if you decide to use this box; the liquid will all end up in the bottom of the collection chamber and when the sifter comes around, it will just spill down the side, meaning you’ll have to get down and clean up the interior! We found that the cat box worked absolutely perfectly when we followed the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use of a specific type of cat litter.


While the Litter Robot LRII does represent an up-front investment in your cat’s health and your home’s cleanliness, it uses only as much litter as is needed to effectively absorb and remove your cat’s waste. A 40-lb bag of premium clumping litter lasted one cat for almost two months, meaning we used far less litter than we do when scooping by hand. Depending on the brand of litter you choose and the number of cats you have, you’ll be saving quite a bit of money each month.



Speaking of hand-scooping, it’s a job no one wants to do! Like other automatic cat litter boxes, the Litter Robot LRII keeps you cat’s waste out of sight and out of mind. You’ll need to clean up by removing the liner and disposing of it every few days (depending on the number of cats using the box) but that’s about it. You can periodically sanitize the interior of the box, as well – but this doesn’t require any scooping on your part.

Time Delay

Some automatic litter boxes don’t give cats enough time to go before beginning their cycles. The Litter Robot LRII offers a seven-minute delay from the time the sensor detects a pet’s presence inside the box and the time the cleaning cycle begins. This prevents cats from becoming frightened while using the litter box, so they continue using it instead of looking for other, less scary places to go.


No Rakes or Wires

One of the nicest things about this automatic cat litter box is its innovative design, which features a simple sifting process instead of a grid of wires or rakes that could potentially break or become clogged. There are no delicate structures to worry about, and there’s nothing that your cat can break by accident while using the litter box.

Works in Multiple Cat Households

If you have more than one cat, you can rest easy knowing that the Litter Robot LRII will easily accommodate waste from multiple cats. Some reviewers have reported good results with up to five cats, however they have mentioned that they set up an alternate litter box so that cats have a place to go in the event that the Litter Robot is occupied when another pet needs to eliminate. If cats go one after another, the LRII still offers enough time for the last pet to use the box before beginning the cleaning cycle.


“Do you have to assemble the Litter Robot when it arrives?”

No. The litterbox arrives fully assembled. You just unpack it from the box, fill it up to the line with your choice of clumping kitty litter, and plug it in. The company provides helpful instructions for introducing cats to the LRII, but ours happily hopped in and used the box without any interference from us.

“Do you take the litter box apart to clean it?”

No. The Litter Robot has a front drawer that slides out. You just remove the bag with the waste in it, then replace the liner before closing the drawer. It’s much, much faster than scooping.

“Can I use eco-friendly cat litter?”

Yes! As long as the litter you choose forms solid clumps that won’t fall through the sifter, then you can use a natural cat litter. Note that large pelleted types like Yesterday’s News won’t work with this type of litterbox. Other ones, like SmartCat, work very well.

“Will this litterbox work for a kitten?”

Yes. Note that if your kitten is very small, you may need to provide him with a little ramp to hop up into the litter box with, and you will probably have to use the cleanout button since the box is activated by weight. Once your kitty is a few months old, he or she should be large enough for the sensors to activate themselves.

“How long does it take for a cat to get used to this litterbox?”

Our cat hopped in and used the Litter Robot right away. Other reviewers report the same kind of success, saying that their cats seem to enjoy using the LRII. It makes sense – because the litter is fresh and clean each time the cat goes, users report great success with this box.

“Can you turn the Litter Robot off at night? I’m a light sleeper.”

Yes, you can turn the litter box off at night or anytime you want to. When you turn it back on, just use the “clean” button and the cleaning cycle will come on automatically. If you do this, you’ll notice about the same amount of smell as any other covered cat box, depending on how good your pet is about covering waste.


The Litter Robot LRII is a high-quality automatic litter box that takes the work and the smell out of maintaining your cat’s bathroom. It offers efficient, reliable operation, and since it comes on after your cat has exited the box, nothing scary will happen inside the chamber – so your cat will never be too frightened to use the litterbox. The rotating sifter is an amazing invention, easily removing solid and liquid waste when clumping cat litter is used as recommended. There are no delicate wires or rakes that could potentially break, and the company offers a generous 18-month warranty. This self-cleaning cat litter box gets rave reviews from users, who report that their cats like it, and that maintenance is very simple. You’ll save time, money, and your sanity when you choose the LRII for your cat! You can find the Litter Robot LRII automatic self-cleaning litter box for sale at online retailers including Amazon, and although we haven’t spotted it in our local pet store, it may be available at select brick and mortar stores as well.

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Litter Robot LRII Automatic Litter Box – Full Review
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