SmartScoop Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Full Review

SmartScoop Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Full Review


Cats are amazing, intelligent pets that provide entertainment and companionship – but there’s one drawback: the litter box has to be maintained. If you’re tired of the daily scooping and want to cut back on odor, then take a peek at the SmartScoop Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Offering a simple, streamlined design and a large area for your cat to take care of the necessary business, it does a fantastic job of cleaning up after each use.

The process begins when your cat leaves the box. A fifteen-minute time allotment passes, which allows solid clumps to form in the litter, and which ensures that your cat won’t be accidentally frightened by the rake while using the bathroom. The rake passes through the box, catching the clumps. When it picks them up, the waste storage bin opens and clumps are dropped inside. The rake re-sets itself and the box is left clean and ready for the next use.

The SmartScoop’s designers did a good job of designing the waste storage bin. It is very easy to lift out, and the no-touch waste bags come right off. You tie the bag up, throw it away, and put in a new liner.

Like some other litter boxes, the SmartScoop comes with activated carbon filters that prevent odor from escaping from the waste storage bin. A litter-catching ramp makes it easy for kittens and older cats to get in and out of the litterbox, and a litter-catching mat helps prevent kitty litter from spreading throughout your home.

These are just a few highlights. Read on for more details about the pros and cons that come with owning the SmartScoop self-cleaning litter box.

Cats Acclimate to the SmartScoop Quickly

Some automatic litter boxes are designed to look a lot different from the simple, rectangular litter boxes that most cats are accustomed to, and although cats learn to use them, they seem to be drawn to the SmartScoop, immediately recognizing that it’s a new place for them to use the bathroom. Perhaps this is because you can keep on using your favorite brand of clumping litter, so the box smells just like your cat’s current box does when it has been freshly cleaned.

The manufacturer recommends setting the SmartScoop side-by-side with your old litter box, and then plugging it in once your cat begins to use it. Our cats took to the box right away and we were able to remove the old one within two days.


Quick and Easy Cleaning Process

SmartScoop Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box-2

Most automatic litter boxes are easy to clean and maintain, and the SmartScoop is no exception. When the bag is full, remove it, tie it off, and toss it. If you have one cat, you’ll need to do this about once each week, depending on how large your pet is and how frequently they use the litter box.

SmartScoop suggests that you change the litter once per month to help keep things fresh, and they recommend wiping the outside of the motor unit when it gets dusty. You can also disassemble the waste bin, slide the motor out, and wash the litter pan, rake, and bin as needed to disinfect them.


Minimal Odor

If there’s one thing people dislike about having cats, litter box odor is it. Since the ScoopFree uses activated carbon filters over the waste storage area and cleans up your pet’s waste after each visit to the litter box, odor is a thing of the past. You should check the bin periodically to see how full it is, as odor will escape if you let it become overfull. Also, refreshing the litter periodically will help ensure that your home smells fresh and clean. Minimum and maximum fill lines help you determine how much litter to add.


Nice Extras are Included

Often, a litter box is just that: A box that you have the option of adding things to. The ScoopFree comes with a couple of really nice extras that many manufacturers sell separately. A ramp helps small or disabled pets get in and out of the box easily, and a textured mat helps keep your cat from tracking litter everywhere. Of course, there are the occasional bits that escape – something that’s pretty much universal with all cat boxes, in my experience!

There is one thing that would be nice: A privacy hood. Some cat boxes come with them, and others offer them as options. This one does not have the option, so if your cat prefers to use the box in an enclosed, private area, you will need to place the unit inside a cupboard or cabinet. We put ours into a litter box enclosure, cut a hole in the back for the cord to pass through, and set it up. Now it looks attractive and our pickiest cat has the privacy she needs.



Some automatic litter boxes are less eco-friendly than others. This is among the best I’ve seen in this department; you can use biodegradable clumping litter if you want to, and the accompanying no-touch bags are biodegradable, so you’re not adding plastic to the landfill. You get 24 bags with the box, and you can order more when you need them.



The SmartScoop automatic self-cleaning litter box represents a smaller up-front investment than some other boxes we have tried, and it is quite economical with litter use, as well.


Time Delay

A proven way to get your cat to hate the litter box is to frighten them while they’re inside! SmartScoop’s manufacturer recognizes this, so the box offers a generous 15 minute delay before beginning the cleanup cycle. The delay also gives clumps time to form so that you don’t end up with smelly, crumbled bits all over the litter box. If you have multiple cats that go one after the other, the cycle resets each time a cat leaves, and the cleaning process will take place 15 minutes after the last cat leaves.


Works in Multiple Cat Households

If you have multiple cats, you’ll find that the SmartScoop automatic self cleaning litter box keeps your pets happy. You’ll have to empty the waste disposal chamber more frequently, but that’s something that is universal with just about every litter box.


“Does this unit work with crystal cat litter?”

You could use crystal cat litter, however you’ll need to empty the box as you usually would once the crystals have reached the end of their lifespan. If you use crystal cat litter, only fecal matter will end up in the waste compartment.

“Where is waste stored?”

When the rake passes through the litter, it lifts the clumps up and deposits them in a waste chamber located at the end of the box. The chamber’s lid opens automatically when the rake is activated, and closes after waste is deposited.

“Can I take the litter box apart to wash it?”

Yes. The process is easier than it is with some other automatic litter boxes. Just slide the motor out according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and then wash the rake, the waste bin, and the litter area in hot, soapy water. Once it’s dry, reassemble it and fill it up with fresh litter.

“Can I use natural cat litter?”

Yes. You can use any kind of clumping litter that you like, including natural brands. If you opt for the pelleted type, then you’ll have to dump the litter out whenever urine accumulates, just as you would with an old-fashioned litter box. Only fecal matter will be deposited in the bin, and even worse, the rake’s tines are likely to become soiled very quickly. So, long story short, natural cat litter works well with this unit as long as it clumps tightly.

“Will this litterbox work for a kitten?”

Yes. It comes with a ramp that makes it very easy for kittens to climb in and out. Make sure that you show your kitten where the bathroom is and give them a little time to get used to using it before you plug it in.

“Does the motor make a loud noise when it comes on?”

No, it’s very quiet – kind of a humming noise.


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The SmartScoop Automatic Self-Cleaning Litterbox does the dirty work so you don’t have to, and it does a fantastic job of keeping the cat area and the whole house smelling fresh and clean. It gives the cats enough time to take care of business before running the cleaning cycle, and it is very easy to clean and maintain – no tools required. You can use any kind of clumping litter, including natural brands, and the disposal bags that come with the unit are biodegradable. If going green is important to you, then this is definitely an option worth looking at. While some automatic litter boxes come with no extras whatsoever, this one does; it includes an access ramp and a textured mat that catches little bits of litter and reduces tracking. The SmartScoop gets mixed reviews from users, however our experience has been completely positive. You can find the SmartScoop Automatic Self-Cleaning litter box for sale at online retailers including Amazon.

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